Our Weddings

At Dahlia May Flower Farm we design our weddings using exclusively Ontario grown flowers. Every year we grow over one acre of flowers right here on our farm to include in the bouquets and arrangements of our special couples. We also love to source additional blooms from some of the best Ontario growers around, from the most incredible Ranunculus in April, to gorgeous heirloom Garden Roses in August. Local and seasonal blooms grace our designs and allow for unique arrangements that won't be replicated.

What makes our wedding designs different?

Local and seasonal blooms rule the designs in the Dahlia May studio. These flowers capture the best of every season and highlight moments in time. Local blooms make memories. Working exclusively with seasonal flowers means that no two weddings, or bouquets, are ever the same. Just as every bride has her own unique vision, every month provides new opportunities for us to create unique designs with our locally grown flowers. Our field to vase approach provides our clients with the freshest and best flowers available for their events. We love to custom grow blooms just for you, to ensure that your flowers are just as special as your day of celebration.

Are we the right fit for you?

Our brides come to us with a colour palette, and a collection of inspiration photos. They do not have their heart set on any one bloom that must be included. Instead, they are open to working with the very best of what us in season during their wedding month. We love peonies, but if you have your heart set on them in September and they are blooming in June on our farm, we are not the right fit. We will, however, provide you with incredible dahlias in September! Our brides trust us to grow, provide and source the very best blooms for them. They know that whatever the month they are married, they can count on us to provide them with blooms that will fit their visions and fulfil their dreams. Our brides are inspired by loose, organic garden style design. Our brides are chill and amazing people who know that keeping it local and trusting their florist and farmer will result in the best possible blooms.

What is our booking process?

Our booking process is a little different than a traditional florist. Because we own and operate a farm, much of our time during the season is taken up growing beautiful blooms and caring for our clients. In January of 2018 we open our books for the 2018 wedding season. We ask our potential clients to fill out our 'request consultation' form after January 1st, and we get in touch to book a meeting. After we have met up, chatted flowers and learned your vision, we pull together a detailed quote based upon your needs. Once the quote has been approved we accept a 25% deposit to book your day on our events calendar. Deposits are non refundable and are used towards the balance of your order.

What does our investment look like?

We have a $1000 minimum order for full service weddings. The exceptions are small and intimate weddings and bulk bucket orders for our DIY wedding offerings. Most of our couples find that flowers are approximately 10-15% of their overall wedding budget.